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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Self-Publishing Continued

As a post-script to my last blog, I'd be very interested to hear of any tried and tested self-publishing sites which you recommend.

I've every intention of giving it a go myself with a niche publication. My friend has used and and the quality of these books is amazing.

I still think that if you are interested in a mainstream career there is no other way than the traditional route (for now). Yes, as someone pointed out, there are agents and publishers out there who aren't as supportive as maybe you would have liked - but I happen to be blessed in that area. Good luck to all those who are going it alone and getting out there under their own steam.

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  1. Just read your blog and as we were on the same cruise brings back some lovely memories, although not lucky enough to get anywhere near Verona. Still nowhere near finishing the washing. lol

    Attended both of your talks and thought they were highly entertaining and amusing, as well as being very informative.