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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Well my new book is out.  Number 8.  And seeing as it’s like the birth of a new baby, we’re going to wet that baby’s head with … well, what else but my favourite tipple PELLERS ICE-WINE, courtesy of Slurp!

Over the next 4 weeks you’ll be able to win all sorts of things – more ICE WINE, HANDMADE CHOCOLATES and a KINDLE TOUCH.  So please check in and have a go.  I promise I won’t make the questions too difficult.

I’ve had a lot of questions about ‘The Wedding Dress’ – mainly ‘will it be available in print form’?  The answer to that is ‘not at the moment’.  Sorry.  If you’re wondering whether it’s worth investing the 99p to read it on your Kindle, let me just say that if you’ve read White Wedding and any book where Freya appears, then you’re more likely to ‘get’ what it’s all about as two of the stories in the ebook are connected with those storylines.  Freya’s story won’t mean much to those who aren’t familiar with her from the other books, for instance.  The ebook has been written for my die-hard readers who wanted a little more than I’ve given in my other books about her and the girls who feature in 'White Wedding'.

As for ‘A Winter Flame’… well, I like my books to be stand-alones, but Violet’s story – from White Wedding – is continued in this one.  Her story was really just beginning in White Wedding and I wanted to write more about her.  Plus I wanted to write the 4th season book and finish off the set.

The inspiration for A Winter Flame came from a couple of sources.  The rubbish ‘Lapland’ theme park which made the newspapers and visiting our lovely local Christmas tree farm in Billingley – and stroking their gorgeous reindeers.  It had such a great Christmassy feel about the place and I had to use it in a book – and the white baby reindeer. 

I had great fun writing about the imaginary ‘Winterworld’ theme park with its air of magical possibility – thanks to a lot of German machinery.  Christmas can be dire for people who are emotionally lost, and as usual with my books, I like to bring a bit of hope into the equation, so – fingers crossed – I’ve managed it.

Right… now for the good bit.

Using the contact page on my gorgeous new website (thank you Stu!)… just answer this simple question to enter the draw to win yourself the most gorgeous fizz on this planet.

From what country does Pellers Sparkling Ice Wine originate?

The competition ends Saturday 3rd November.  The winner will be announced on here, Facebook and Twitter – so GOOD LUCK because it really is the most gorgeous wine.
Oh and my publishers are running a competition too along with the book launch - you can win all sorts of goodies here!

Then there will be another competition next week – for Walkers Exclusive handmade chocolates!

Milly x

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  1. Thanks for the chance, got fingers crossed :) Could do with some now to chill before my hip block in hosp tomorrow lol