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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


First of all - Victoria Howard and I are running an afternoon 'crash course' in writing a book in Barnsley on Sunday 17th June 2pm -5pm
Both of us will give a presentation, there will be a half-time afternoon tea, plenty of time for Q & As and our latest books will be available to buy.

We've both done our course on a few occasions and they've gone down very well, so we're joining forces.  Sometimes you just need a kick up the backside to get started - and this is what we hope to give you :)
We will also tell you:
'From idea to manuscript' - how to develop ideas and characters for your novel
How to make your novel flow
How to plot
How to approach an agent
What NOT to do
The importance of dialogue
 The importance of male protagonists in Romantic Suspense Novels SO MUCH more.  We intend to send you home with lots of pointers, some supporting literature and being raring to go.
The Holiday Inn does wonderful Sunday carveries and pub lunches so if you wanted to make a full afternoon of it - or night - stay for a meal or a drink too.
The afternoon will run - approximately - like this
1.30pm - arrive early if you want to catch us for an early book sale
2pm - I'll be talking for an hour with a powerpoint presentation
3.15pm - break for afternoon tea and cakes and a general mingle
3.45pm - Victoria Howard will present
4.45pm - Q & As  
5.00pm - book signings
So hope you can join us.  Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.  We won't be issuing tickets but you will be given a booking number.
Milly & Victoria

AND my book launch of WHITE WEDDING will be taking place on Monday 30th of April and Wednesday 2nd May at 6.30pm in Barnsley library.
There will be the usual talk, refreshments and your chance to get the first released books.
Tickets are free but places are limited (and if have you cancel will you ring as someone can have your seat)
To book - please ring 01226 773921  or e mail
Tickets will not be distributed but your name will be listed.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Unaccustomed as I am to Public Speaking...well not any more, actually.

Anyone who knows me knows also that I love to talk. After 6 weeks with a very croaky voice - and 2 weeks without one altogether - I am back at full volume. This occurs every Christmas and which is why I don't book any talks over the festive season.

Now I can start booking. I've been approached by a few agencies to go on their 'public speaking' lists, but I seem to be doing okay by myself. Quite so, that I've added it as a branch of the tree of 'what I do'. In short - I've got to take it seriously now because my diary gets quite full, my audiences are getting bigger and that is absolutely marvellous.

Yes, I am available for ladies luncheons and after-dinner speaking. I talk a lot about the road to publication, I also do a 'crash-course' in writing, with back-up literature to take home, do tongue-in-cheek talks about women, Yorkshire, 'Finding your own Happy Ending' motivational talk and tailor a speech to specific requirements given the topic.

I'm absolutely delighted that I'm being asked to do this more and more. It does mean that I can no longer do a lot of the smaller groups, but I'm a working mum and I can't turn down the bigger venues.

In this first instance, if you do require my services as an after-dinner speaker, please contact me on:

More on this later - thank you!

Milly x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

WEBSITE and latest book news.

(a teensy sneaky peak at a bit of my new cover...)

My website at is currently having a redesign so I can't actually amend anything at the moment - apologies for that.

White Wedding has had its big edit and it's a MONSTER. It's the biggest book I've done so far and has half-killed me to write it... in the nicest way. So many threads to knot up.

I've already started on A WINTER FLAME which is my 8th book and the 4th book in the season series. It's very light-hearted and fun to write. A soldier would have been handy to help me write it, but you can't have everything.

Bit mad in the Johnson household as I'm preparing to move houses but normal service will be resumed asap. Bear with me. :)

Milly x