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Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's Building Up to Start Raining Men

'They wanted sunshine and total relaxation in a luxury spa

They got a rundown cottage, weird villages, a lot of clouds...and a total life change'

I'm now on the countdown to my new book It's Raining Men

Yes I'm very excited about it.  It's probably the longest book I've written (hope it doesn't feel like that though) and it's from an idea I've had for years and years and years.  
It's being launched on Yorkshire Day - August 1st 2013 at Mapplewell and Staincross village hall at 6pm.  As usual I'll be launching my new 'baby' with a party - my biggest one yet because of the date.  Tickets are selling fast - they're £5 each but for that you'll get stuffed to the gills with a good old Yorkshire buffet (fried whippet and tripe scones - JOKE!) freebies, umbrellas, bags, coffee, CAKE

...and the chance to buy a raffle ticket and walk off with some fan-tabula-zing prizes donated by wonderful Yorkshire firms (and others) - hampers, meals out for yourself and friends, vouchers, jewellery.  The best value fiver you'll ever have spent.  Oh and I witter on for a bit and sign some books.  And I'll have some of the backlist with me as well - and, as always, I'm happy to sign any books that you've already bought.  

The monies raised will be going to my two wonderful affiliated charities - The Well, a therapy centre for cancer patients and anyone who has been treated there will tell you how fantastic they are - and Yorkshire cat rescue who do an amazing home, not only taking in waifs and strays but helping people who are too ill to look after their beloved pets any more.

Anyway... anyone wanting to come - please contact Caroline or Sandra on 01226 381006 or email  

It's Raining Men is the story of Lara, May and Clare - three Yorkshire workmates all working in London who don't know each other that well because they're too busy to do much but work.  BUT one day they all decide on a whim to go on a break together - to a luxury Yorkshire spa.

But, instead they end up in a very insular seaside village that doesn't welcome strangers.  And why is that?  (well, you'll have to read on and see!)

Are there men?  Yes.  Lots of them - it's positively raining men (did you see what I did there?)  The nice thing about being an authoress is that you can design your men to your exact specifications - one of my heroes in this book is based on a crush for Sebastien Chabal... and if you haven't a clue who this gorgeous French rugby player is then, let me introduce you. Oh isn't he wild.

Of course, if you don't like him - then I have other to choose from.

Anyway - back to the plot.  Our three girls are lumbered with the choice of staying in the village of Ren Dullem or going home.  And home is somewhere that none of them want to be.

So they lump it in the village and find out clouds sometimes have silver linings.

Did I enjoy writing this book?  More than you could know - I had an absolute ball.  I hope that comes out in my writing.  Ren Dullem has become so real to me that I am having trouble not wanting to write about it again.

And for die-hard readers there are characters from other books - and please, I politely ask anyone writing a review, to keep any secrets given away to yourselves so as not to spoil it for other readers.  I've been waiting to bring them back and thought this might be the right book.

If you're round and about in Meadowhall on Saturday August 3rd - you might want to come and visit me.  I'm signing books but I won't be alone.  All I'm saying is that it should be a very pleasant experience.  More later.

Details of future book signings are on my website on the news page.

More later!

Milly x

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  1. Sounds so exciting, I cannot wait for the new book now! Hope your'e making a trip to the Huddersfield book store again... See you then!