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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How We Launch a Book Up North

When launching a book it is very important not to go over the top and theme your jewellery for instance
That would be just daft.  Luckily for me I am pretty low-key.

Every year I say I am NOT going to hold a big launch because it's a load of hard work... every year I hold one and they get bigger.  This year 230 people were each greeted with a goody bag from Bagitdon'tbinit (all the links to the people I mention are in the previous blog) full of Bahlsen biscuits, Walkers Shortbread, Aunt Bessie vouchers, Lindt chocs, a Steel-city mug, Tetleys Tea, Yorkshire Tea and Douwe Egberts coffee.
Stuffing 230 bags took a loooooong time... lucky for me I had a glamorous assistant.
In go the Yorkshire teabags

And the yummy Bahlsen Messino's AND money off vouchers
Just LOVE the mugs that Steel-City made for me

(The Bidbi Jute bags are a big favourite with readers' cats by the way... recycling them into snooze places)

In went the Aunt Bessie's vouchers
230 bags later... we were done!  
So we got the raffle prizes out on display
 Fiona Sciolti Chocolates
A Roby Royd Farmshop hamper

 This AMAZING giant cupcake from Christina
 Hand-crafted glass by Callula
 A Walkers Shortbread Hamper, Russell Eaton voucher, dinner at Beatson House, dinner at Brooklands... signed books from my author friends... the tables were GROANING with prizes.

 Three beautiful giant teacups full of flowers from my friends at The Flower Corner
Then the giant cakes arrived from Staniforths!

And people started to arrive... mum is waiting patiently in the front row!

And my two lovely girls arrived who are the most popular people at the launch... they distribute the raffle prizes.  Miss Amelia and Miss Isabelle !

And the fabulous and formidable Janine and Phyllis who will let no one away with not buying a raffle ticket.  (blows kiss)

People made me cakes and gave me gorgeous hand made cards and this fabulous chocolate which really does look as if it has tiny teeth in it!

The buffet was as fabulous as always!!!

And the happiest lady of the night was going to take her pal on the P & O Ferry trip to Amsterdam for her birthday which she won!  You could hear her whoop in London!

I signed over 200 books and met loads of great people!

My darling Stanley!

And everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves - if the 'see you next years' were anything to go by.
My mum and me (don't think it's Harry Potter that has let himself go!)

Totally hard work and worth everything.  Had some fabulous support from local and national businesses - some, like Walkers Shortbread, never let me down.
And we raised £1144.00 for charity - which will be split between The Well, a therapy centre for cancer patients, and Yorkshire Cat Rescue - both charities who need all they can get.
Thank you EVERYONE for making this launch a great night.  I'm a bit superstitious and the better the launch, the more wind my book feels it has behind it.  Please look at the previous blog post for any links you may need or for the full list of people who contributed.  There are some great ideas for presents there at far from daft prices.

milly xxx

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