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Friday, 28 November 2014

The most beautiful bags in the world!!!

I have some of the most beautiful bags in the world in my possession.  My OH and I are in the process of collecting stock to open up a literary Teashop (how could I not... I fell in love with Leni's shop as I was writing it) and have some beautiful bags made from books as my first stock.

I have A Christmas Carol, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty, The best of Lewis Carroll, The Complete works of Shakespeare, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The complete Sherlock Holmes, Emma, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Rebecca,  The Bronte Sisters, Wuthering Heights and a Harry Potter, Jane Austen

Some have a slightly wider base than others but all are priced £55-£60 (+ £5 recorded postage).

I can't stress how gorgeous these are - I don't even care if I don't sell them because I'll keep them all.  They're hand-made to a fabulous standard and I even envy myself having one.  You won't find them in shops either - guys, you can get real brownie points buying one of these for the Mrs! 

Some of these are custom made for me so you won't find them anywhere else.

Pressy for a loved one - guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

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  1. Those bags....I'm literally lost for words on how amazing they look! I could literally list every positive word from the dictionary and still...I'm in love with the Christmas Carol and the Sherlock Holmes book bags! They are just perfect!! Harry Potter too?!! I will be after that one and Shakespeare and...heck...all of them!! Thank you!!

    Dee |