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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Well here we are again, gearing up for yet another launch.  This will be my last one like this though.  Always good to have a change and for all sorts of reasons, we do need a bit of a different format to keep things fresh.  I don't want to be known as the woman with the begging bowl constantly out so it will be a good one, a big one, but the last of its kind like this.

It's also the last of its kind because my lovely friend and the BEST supporter any author could have, Jill Craven, died on 19th April.  Jill was always in charge of cutting up the cake. And doing any organising that needed to be done.  It just won't be the same without her.  We shall ALL miss her terribly.  We shall make sure she is with us in spirit because we shall talk about her on the day and send her a bouquet of applause.  I just wish she would be here to receive it in person.

But I'm so incredibly well supported by people to fund Yorkshire Cat Rescue and The Well and the prizes are starting to come in.  So here is a massive shout out to all the lovely people who have sent things so far.  The list will keep getting updated.  And if you see anything you like, please get in touch with the people and give them a  bit of trade.

Books are available on the night - OF COURSE - and they are supplied this year by JR Nicholls in Denby Dale, which is one of those lovely PROPER bookshops.

In no order at all - here are what people who come to the launch are in for.
From the wonderful Masque Photography - a boudoir make up and photography session (with or without the bump).  Ladies who have had this experience have told me it is amazing and has given them an injection of confidence they didn't think possible.  These experiences make fabulous presents.

And this wonderful bundle from my gorgeous friend CAROLE MATTHEWS.  If you haven't signed up to her newsletter then you really should.  You can win all sorts of goodies.  I've been a fan of Carole's for many years - in and out of book world. 


Our friends at Candleberry Lane (which is the world's most gorgeous shop) down the Victoria Arcade have donate a lovely bathy basket! I can't wait to try out my Himalayan salt lamp that I got from them earlier today!


SUNDAY LUNCH for 4 at our wonderful Holiday Inn up the road.

Tea and Cake for two by Eadie -Q at Shut up and Eat the sweet little cafe half-way along Agnes  .  Eadie Q makes vegan and vegetarian friendly fare and it's absolutely delicious. 

Two fabulous books by the lovely Debbie Viggiano.  She is a wonderful read!

THE SWEET SHACK  - Jenny has so kindly donated this gorgeous box of yesteryear sweets that will whizz you back to childhood.  There are loads of tiny shops outside Strawbridges Garden Centre and a lovely coffee shop which I need to check out! 

There are lip scrubs and balms from the wonderful PURA COSMETICS who have just launched their COCKTAIL RANGE.  Gin and Tonic, Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri...  These balms and scrubs are suitable for vegans and they haven't been tested on any animals.  Including the Bonita Banana ones (all will become clear if you read the book) 

There's a beautiful stamped necklace from Dormouse and the Teapot - I hope someone from Yorkshire wins it, because I know we have a few Lancs coming ;) x

'Ard as Nails have sent a lovely product hamper - apparently the cuticle nail oil is superb, so fans of their goods tell me! 

This pic doesn't do this wall hanging justice.  It's absolutely exquisite! Thank you Cal Green!

And this is a framed paper cut rainbow from Donna.  It's so fragile and lovely.  A paper cut picture would make a lovely present for someone.  Papercuts by Donna can be found here

We have a voucher for flowers from Andrea Graham.  Treat yourself if you win - we don't think of ourselves enough sometimes.  

This gorgeous agate bracelet arrived from Gina. It's really pretty. She has an interesting Facebook page here

I could do with this one!  A chiropody session - get all those corns off so your feet are beach ready!  Thank you Carmen (who can be reached on 01226 759660. 

This glass bowl is so pretty - my rubbish pics don't do it justice.  But do have a look at Pam's website where she makes the most beautiful things.  And with proper photography to show it off. 

There was a huge bundle of handcrafted cards, brooches and wallhangings from the very talented Ruth Zanoni.  Beautiful mermaids (big fan of mermaids me!) 

 Everyone who comes to my event will be given some MY TRUSTY SKINCARE oil.  I use it everyday and I want the world to know how good it is.  You can buy online or at Tesco and Superdrug now too.  

The TEA has arrived from Yorkshire Tea and the Walkers Shortbread  AND the Bahlsen biscuits so the goody bags will be nice and full.  

We have books by the fabulous DEBBIE JOHNSON .  If you haven't read her, do - and the A -Z of everything is her finest yet.  She will take you through every emotion you have... and some you didn't know you had as well!

 Jewellery by the ever supportive Ruth at Streton - beautiful hand-crafted goods which are just special

Vouchers for an amazing day out at Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre - and I can't tell you how fabulous this prize is because I'd live there if I could.  Amazing.  And these vouchers would be fabulous as presents.
There's a slap up dinner for 2 at Shaw Lane sports club!  

There's a lovely hand-crafted blanket from Rachy Penny!

And LOADS of things from my friends at Hothouse - including some great St Moriz tanning products - which have romped home with the best awards beating those 'more expensive' names!

A gorgeous tea hamper from Maggie at Magnificent Me! The pic doesn't do it justice! Maggie is a hypnotherapist and also works a lot with victims of abuse to get them free of their past experiences. And she has also been my friend for 35 years.

 Themed jewellery (keep your hands off the necklace with the rainbow and the pot of gold on it, because it's mine. Steph always makes my book launch jewellery!) Steph makes the most beautiful jewellery - you should ask her for some white rose jewellery for Yorkshire Day.  Mine always comes out then!  Steph's Crafty Bits Facebook page can be found here. 
On the ENORMOUS box of Walkers Shortbread are some local history DVDs of Barnsley from the delectable Dave Cherry (Facebook page) who is a one man machine.  Musician, historian, raconteur, all round great bloke and master fund raiser.  His films can be found on youtube and for local people especially are of real interest.  Thank goodness we have him doing his bit for posterity! 

We also have a £50 voucher for the lovely lovely Spencer Arms in Cawthorne and we all know what a fantastic place that is to eat at.  And drink in - and just linger in. A real treat for someone!

We have pens!  thank you to Steel City Marketing who have supplied them for me this year - and the lovely goody bags!
There are also vouchers off Jenny-Lou Make up and Beauty.  You can have Gelish nails, manicures, pedicures, make-up application, facials, hair pin-ups.  You can find more info here on Facebook! 

There is also a ZUMBA fitness class with Hannah at  Check out their site for all the other classes too.  I really need to start pilates.  Really!!  

 We have a lovely Yankee Candle gift set from Rob, my friend at Computer Problems of Barnsley.  Once upon a time - book 1 - I lost the lot because I hadn't backed up my computer. Guess who found it for me - and guess who has had my business servicing all the family pcs and macs ever since.  He's a great bloke and doesn't charge daft prices for proper jobs.

My lovely friends at My Trusty skincare have sent this gorgeous raffle prize - as well as oils for everyone at the launch.  I am a convert.  Their stuff is fabulous and very very good for people with sensitive skins.  Read all about them here and what they do - and why they don't make a profit!  Well they do... but how it all gets ploughed back into the NHS!

I received some gorgeous mugs from Direct Print and Promotions. They were so good, I ordered a load more ... and some special gifts for the night which I hope will make you smile!
This beautiful bracelet arrived from Liberty Charms.  It's so pretty.  Do have a look at their website.

The lovely Carnevale Family - our friends and Barnsley Kardashians - have given two big fat hampers.

And as if a chocolate-filled diabetic-coma-inducing hamper wasn't enough from the lovely Amanda Clayton... she'd gone and shoved another couple of boxes in as well!!!
My lovely writer friends Victoria Howard and Lynda Stacey have given me some perfumed drawer liners, some quirky bookmarks and the bonniest umbrella ever.  We are all great mates and they writer romantic suspense... and they do it very well too.
Victoria has written some belters which will have you gnawing your nails and Lynda has her second book out now and is receiving rave reviews.  Give them a read if you like some drama as well as  love in your stories!

We have a lovely relaxing Shiatu from Katie Cadwell, who works at my affiliated Charity - THE WELL.  Katie is a therapist for cancer patients and is a top bird!

And book buyers will be able to benefit from £1 vouchers off Aunt Bessie's stuff... who make everything these days.  And if you haven't tried their apple pies and crumbles - oh boy are you missing a trick!!!

And last but not least... the BIG ROB ROYD FARMHOUSE HAMPER!!!  Some lucky bugger is going to walk away with that!!!

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