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Thursday, 31 August 2017


In a week where we have taken ownership of a pup who will be loved and cherished, it is a sad counterbalance that so many animals in the world do not receive the respect and happiness they deserve.  Mans' best friends - if we let them.  Loyal way past the point of no return.  The internet churns up so many stories of animal cruelty even the word 'caution' next to a link for a photo brings the tears to my eyes.  I can't open the stories.  A single sweep of my eye across a photo of animal distress seems to burn the image onto my retina.  I want to help them all and I know I can't.  So I'm always thrilled when big celebs with big voices, big clout and big money get involved in trying to change things.  Celebrity has power, using it for these causes makes all of us animal lovers rejoice.

But tomorrow - or today if you are reading this on Friday 1st September - I have an auction to try and raise funds for a little dog who really needs some help.  He's had a shit life in Romania, how he survived I have no idea, but he did.  The pics aren't nice (but doable - even for a wuss like me) so I use the word caution, but he has been taken in by a lovely couple with another rescue dog and they've spent thousands on him.  Thanks to some twat with an iron bar hitting Eddie over the head, he has a hole in it that needs surgery and a super vet will do it, but for a fee.  And the half-way mark has been reached which leaves another £3000 to raise.

Oh we have all spent a fiver on daft things - I have.  I blew £20 on da Vinci's Diamonds last week (my one and only foray into online gambling) so if you can forego a bottle of plonk or a paperback book in the supermarket (obviously not mine - buy those. Joke!) this weekend to help raise some cash for Eddie, then please do.  We cannot save them all, but we can give a little to a few, pick our causes and this is one of mine.

This is our lad, loved, safe... hopefully for all his days

...and this is Eddie, who is now loved and safe but he's had a rough time and deserves to live out the rest of his life with health and happiness.

Eddie, despite his history, is a loving soul who probably can't believe his luck landing with his new family who are fighting to save him.

So... you can help in two ways.  Firstly - there is the crowd funding page - where you can stick a bit in the pot for him.  No such thing as a little kindness, all those small amounts of cash add up.

Thank you from the family if you do - I know they are touched by the kindness that Eddie has been shown from strangers.

But also there is an auction to win a place in my book 15 - the Christmas Pudding Club.  It ends Friday 1st September at 19 minutes past 8 in the evening (20:19)

The winner will be able to pick the name of a character - or a business - in the book (there is a disclaimer that it can't be anything stupid like Mr Cheesy McKnob).  But I will confer with the winner so that it is a very personal gift.  In the past people who have won my prizes have had their loved ones honoured.  Bill Henderson in Queen of Wishful Thinking was a massive character and a lovely one and in memory of a lady's father.  Stripey the cat in Autumn Crush.  Even Cheryl Parker's character - whose husband was the winning bidder for her name to be in a book - took centre stage in Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe.  

People all over the world will read about the character.  The book will be published in October 2018 and the winning bidder will receive advance copies, personalised and 'all the gubbins.'  It will be the loveliest present I can make for someone - so if you want to surprise your wife/husband/mother - there are few more personalised gifts than the one that I am offering.

There are only 24 hours left for the auction so you will forgive me for asking you to spread the news far and wide because I need social media - Eddie needs social media.  I promise, whoever wins will not be disappointed.

I will - as an addition - put everyone's name who bids in the auction into a hat, make a draw and put that person - or person nominated by them - into the book too.  


And if the price for this is too high - then please, see that money pot link above.  Please let us, between us, give Eddie a rest of a lovely life.

Thank you - and much love folks.  It's wonderful that strangers can be so kind, with all the crap news thrown at us, we tend to forget there is still a lot of goodness in the world.

Milly xxxx

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