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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hellooo Again from - ahem - a Sunday Times Bestseller :)

I've had to start a new blog as the other got corrupted and was full of spam.  Thanks, I know quite a few housewives in my area and I haven't got 'one of those' that needs to grow any bigger.  So hopefully the new fitter blogger will spare me the delight of loads of those messages.

Lots of exciting news for me recently.  Here Come The Girls is out and doing a bit well - Sunday Times Bestseller list (21) and 25th best seller in the country chart - 10k books sold in the first week.  Smashed my personal best by 2000 copies sold so I've had a 'little glass of Lanson' this week.  Or 12.  And it's only 3 1/2 months till my next one comes out.

Right - enough blowing my own trumpet.  Thanks for everyone who came to my launches - I sold masses and we raised nearly £600 for 'The Well' and Haworth Cat Rescue.  Plus we ate a lot of Shelley's gorgeous Captain's Cocktails cupcakes - this young lady is an exquisite baker of cakes!  The detail was fabulous - little palm trees, ships and flip flops on the buns.  Stunning.  And they weren't those big awful ones that are just heartattacks in a bun case.

More later - I just wanted to get this up and running.  Have a busy time coming up - after dinner speaking at the Mayor's Inaugural banquet on Friday, Southampton on Saturday to schmooze with Marco PW, Dame Shirley Bassey (note order of importance for me there) - and Gail from Corro.  Ship (Adonia) naming ceremony - dress code is 'black tie and diamonds'.  My diamonds are particularly huge - well, I say 'diamonds'.

And if you fancy a FREE CRUISE - courtesy of P & O - why not enter my COMPETITION which closes midnight on Friday 1st July - 2 very lucky people will be going on a Med Cruise in September on the gorgeous Ventura.

More later... thanks for popping by.



  1. Hi Milly, Welcome to your new home! Saw your tweet and 'joined up' am first and feel like a stalker but just wanted to say I love your books and congratulations! x

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog posts Milly. Your books never fail to amuse me in a laughing out loud way with comments that keep me smiling for days.

    In recognition of your great blog - I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award this week on my blog - so do pop over and collect it.