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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Well I've been given a 'Versatile Blogger Award' and the rules of acceptance are that I have to tell you 7 facts about myself - supposedly interesting, but that's up to you.  Not promising they'll have you on the edge of your seats but here goes.

1) I HATE marzipan (see - how 'wow' is that?)  If I were queen it would be outlawed.  I can't even stand the smell of it.  And left in the house with a bottle of Amaretto and a raging thirst, that bottle would be totally and utterly safe.

2) I nearly died in my twenties when a cricket ball crashed into my face, severing both lips and knocking my teeth out.  Took my years to fully recover, cost me thousands in dental work and had to have my lips glued back together which was more painful than the bloody cricket ball imbedding itself into my skull.  Hated the sodding game ever since.  And I was playing for charity!!!

3) I was ostracized at school for a while for preferring The Monkees to The Bay City Rollers.  Girls can't half have cliques!  (and I still play the Monkees in the car so there - ner ner ner ner ner.)

4) I am a qualified primary school teacher with an honours degree in teaching - although the world of education is safe because I wisely decided against a career in that field. And the world of accountancy can sleep safe in its bed as well.

5) I wrote some of the very first Purple Ronnies when they came out.  I was given the brief by the owner of a greetings card firm who liked my work and wanted me to have a go at a new project he had taken on from a young man called Giles Andrae. So here is my first ever piece of commercial poetry :)

6) I have always had a fascination with birds of prey and my next book gives me the fabulous excuse of doing a falconry course.  I kept quiet about this after an ex-boss of mine intimated that the ultimate in 'nerdship' were people who collect owls.  I've got loads of them :)

7) Winning 'Come Dine With Me in Barnsley' was up there with the best great thrills in my life like giving birth to my two children, getting my first book deal - and my decree Absolute.

Tatty bye for now!

Milly x


  1. Thanks for these facts Milly, to think I've been looking at those Purple Ronnie cards for years. Have you ever been to Muncaster Castle in the Lake District? You'd love it, there's a massive owl sanctuary there and some of them are as big as dogs! Honest!

  2. Hi Kim, yes I've been to that lovely place :)