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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Unaccustomed as I am to Public Speaking...well not any more, actually.

Anyone who knows me knows also that I love to talk. After 6 weeks with a very croaky voice - and 2 weeks without one altogether - I am back at full volume. This occurs every Christmas and which is why I don't book any talks over the festive season.

Now I can start booking. I've been approached by a few agencies to go on their 'public speaking' lists, but I seem to be doing okay by myself. Quite so, that I've added it as a branch of the tree of 'what I do'. In short - I've got to take it seriously now because my diary gets quite full, my audiences are getting bigger and that is absolutely marvellous.

Yes, I am available for ladies luncheons and after-dinner speaking. I talk a lot about the road to publication, I also do a 'crash-course' in writing, with back-up literature to take home, do tongue-in-cheek talks about women, Yorkshire, 'Finding your own Happy Ending' motivational talk and tailor a speech to specific requirements given the topic.

I'm absolutely delighted that I'm being asked to do this more and more. It does mean that I can no longer do a lot of the smaller groups, but I'm a working mum and I can't turn down the bigger venues.

In this first instance, if you do require my services as an after-dinner speaker, please contact me on:

More on this later - thank you!

Milly x

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