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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mothers Day Book Signing - Sat March 10th Barnsley

I keep getting asked if I'm going to be doing a signing in town in time for Mother's Day - so I've decided to. The venue will be BAILEYS COFFEE SHOP in Burlington Arcade - which is the tiny run of shops at the back of Thorntons - where Prince's fish restaurant, the gold shop and the sewing shop are - and Emma Bailey's cafe of course.  It's a very sweet little place if you don't know it.

All books will be on a Mother's Day special price of £5 - I'll have some treats for any kids who are sneaking in to surprise their mums.

Sorry folks - White Wedding won't be out then but the other 6 will be available.

So that's Saturday March 10th at 11am - 12 (or until the queues die down - ho ho)

Oh and if you have any old sheets or towels,bring them with you as Emma collects them for a local animal rescue centre.

Hope to see some of you there :)

Oh and the Barnsley Library launches are filling up pretty fast so get in there quick.

And check out our novel writing afternoon in June below.  We're just covering costs on it and - trust me - if you want a kick up the backside to get you writing, Victoria and I will give it to you that day.
Milly x

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