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Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Big Launch

I had the most amazing book launch party on Monday - at my usual venue, Mapplewell Village Hall. Nearly 250 people were there to help me celebrate... and the sun came out in force.  I have never had a book launch there when there has been less than scorching weather and I thought this might have been a first - but no!

Oh and a collection for Claire Throssell raised £157.78!!!
The total for the raffle was totted up on the night  at £1106... but I bagged it all up and found £1234.00  - always better when it's up rather than down.  So that is split between Yorkshire Cat Rescue and The Well. x

It's a family affair setting everything up.  There are a LOT of goody bags to fill... with loads of stuff kindly donated by Yorkshire Tea, My Trusty sunflower cream, Aunt Bessie, Bahlsen Biscuits, Walkers Shortbread... then we have pens and pads (stationery - compulsory) the wonderful bags themselves and some great Tea t-owls.  It was owl-heavy...

The staff at the hall are amazing.  The buffet is to die for.  The scones are the best in known universe... and the enormous cakes by Staniforths... more than up to standard with the owls, love-in-a-mist, sunshines and Wildflower Cottage itself.

Here are the wonderful Sandra and Caroline who run the hall hard at work... as always

The raffle prize table was heaving with hampers and presents from Pellers (my Ice Wine which the winner had to wrestle from my hand) and Kiss Air Candles, gorgeously themed scented things from Wax Lyrical

And the WH Smith girls had even bedecked the bookshop table with owls too!

 and my lovely Team Milly ladies gave me a beautiful owl mug and the MOST GORGEOUS BROLLY EVER... with owls on it also.  And a cheque for the Claire Throssell fund.

Here are some pictures from the night.  Lots of people contributed to Claire's bucket and we raised £1109.00 for Yorkshire Cat Rescue and The Well, which is a therapy centre for cancer patients in Barnsley.  It was the best launch yet.  The raffle does go on a bit, but there is a lot to get through.  I couldn't do it without my team of ladies...
This gorgeous trio are my essentials - Isabelle, Phyllis and Amelia - they're fabulous.

Someone sent me this...4 launch years... 4 hairdos!

So here's the gallery... we had a great time, I think it shows.

Mum caught up with someone she used to work with!

 Someone couldn't wait to get into the goody bag...

 Adopted daughters for the evening!  They both used to be knee height to me!!!

  The raffle is what they all come for... and the buffet.  I'm just the person they have to sit through to get to it.

  Until next year, folks!  Thank you all xxxxx

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  1. It all looks absolutely fabulous as usual and your helpers are tremendous.