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Sunday, 5 June 2016

What you can win if you 1) go to my launch 2) read my social media posts!

I am gearing up for the big launch - and as usual, people have been so generous.  There are some great and quirky things out there... and the great and the good should have a bit of advertising as a thank you... so here is a list of all the people who are supporting my launch, who have donated gifts to help me raise money for my charities as we celebrate - Yorkshire Cat Rescue and THE WELL.    And there will be a bucket for Claire available on the launch night just in case anyone wants to contribute to the fund for her.

Some of these, however, will be competition prizes for anyone to win... so do watch out!

And please, give a bit back to these people.  Support their businesses, have a look at their sites.  KARMA!


Christa Ackroyd
Anyone want to stay at Christa's beautiful holiday home Brook House in beautiful Bronte Country.  A night's bed and breakfast in this gorgeous place is up for grabs!

Aunt Bessies
As always a HUGE thank you to Aunt Bessie herself for supplying all my goody bags with £1 off vouchers.  Which are NEVER wasted, because we all buy something from AB don't we? 

Who make brilliant biscuits (don't get me started on the joys of their orange cake Messino biscuits) and are supremely generous at supplying my goody bags.  And they also have a great site with recipes and competitions.  AND a book club!!!

My bags are the perfect size... everyone at the launch will get one, but also, there will be lots given away as prizes. They're local to South Yorkshire... and here i is their link. 
They're used a lot for beach bags... so watch out for a competition to see who can send me the best pic of their bag on a beach!

Blink of Preston made me my bookmarks this year. They did my artwork, because I am rubbish at it, and got the bookmarks to me at a record price and in record time and I would flaming love to recommend them to you.

Bonheur Brooches
Here is a wonderful idea... Bonheur Brooches take a favourite piece of clothing from your baby's favourite baby-gro to your grandmothers best blouse and make custom brooches from it.  I know the proprietor and everything she touches is so beautifully well-crafted.  

Bridget's Boutique
What a gorgeous place to shop for clothes, accessories, lingerie... here at Bridget's Boutique... and I have a £50 voucher to spend her for some lucky person.  Pop by and look, it's beautiful!

Body Revive
My friend Karen has donated a back, neck and shoulder massage for one lucky winner.  I always go to her.  Even Kate, the masseur at The Well goes to her, so you know she's good.  She's perfect actually.  Her room is in the tower at the Pot House Hamlet.  Lovely relaxing place and she'll sort out your achy breaky back for you. Tell her I'll see her soon!

Jake Bellamy
I am the world's worst dieter and exerciser... so I thought I'd book a personal trainer and this guy is brilliant.  I will not lie and say that I am not glad when every session is over, BUT I am fitter and stronger and I'm starting to actually (and this is the miracle part of all this) look forward to going because of the effect it is having on me.
So... Jake is offering a keep fit session for the winner plus unto another 5 of their mates at Honeywell sports centre.  It may be that you've wanted to start the gym and just want to take the first step... and this will force you hand.  Jake will tailor it to what you think you'd need.
And he's great!!! Knows what he's talking about, can advise you on nutrition as well as what's the best way to exercise... and he's a really easy bloke to get on.  But he's not soft!

Moyra Blayney
Artwork all the way from the beautiful Emerald Isle.   Aren't Moyra's paintings serene and restful?

Cafe Creme
The gorgeous little pearl of a cafe in Penistone Cafe Creme - - are donating a breakfast for 2!  (I'd park myself for an hour or two after eating and have a cake as well... all homemade...sigh!)

Denise's Boxes
Oh oh oh... I have one of these cuties up for grabs.  Check out the page  I love these and I want one and I want one now!

Flutterby Lashes
A lovely set of nail gel overlays for someone from Flutterby!  Check them out on their Facebook page here...

Hair Shack
The Hair Shack is on Park Street in Wombwell and they've donated a cut and finish for some lucky person. My favourite thing is to get a hairdo... so hope whoever wins this... enjoys the pamper.
Facebook link:

Holiday Inn Barnsley
The lovely people up at the old Brooklands have donated Sunday Lunch for 4 people for a good lunchtime scoff.

My pals at Hothouse ( are behind some amazing brands... including the fabulous St Moriz self tanning stuff... and if you haven't tried it, you should really give it a go.  It's a fraction of the price of the 'posh stuff' yet it sweeps the boards at award ceremonies.  And they've given me a box of these little beauties.

Victoria Howard
My lovely friend and fellow novelist, Victoria, is giving me something special.  She writes 'romantic suspense' and is rather good at it :) Her website is here...

Debbie Johnson
My great and funny friend (no relation - and what a bummer that is) is donating a signed book.  I guarantee you will be converted to her stuff if you read it... she is bloody brilliant and a perfect pick-me-up because she's a hoot!  Read about her here

Thomas Masters
If you are moving house... you have to use this firm -  When I moved, I asked around and everyone gave me this firm's name so I went with them - and they were fabulous.  Although I did give them all a migraine when they came to reassemble my four-poster (I forgot to give them the holding screws)  Some of them are still in therapy today.  They are the best and when I move to my mansion, they'll be the ones I ring.  They'll be delighted by that but I expect they'll ask for a 'no-fixy-uppy-bed' clause.
These kind people have donated a £50 M & S voucher.  Personally I would spend all that on their Sherry Trifle 'Baileys'.  Oh my...

Perfect Pout by Pura Cosmetics
Pure ( was set up by two amazing girls who have won awards for their cracking little duo of lip products - a scrub and a balm and I personally swear by them  (a much nicer way to sort out your lips than a scrub with a toothbrush and slap of vaseline)  They now have an online shop and as far as I'm concerned, it's something I make sure I don't run out of.
I have three beautifully packaged lip balm sets that I'm giving away... that should keep your lips lovely and plump for the summer!

Pretty Things
There's a lovely shop in Penistone Market Street (18a) called Pretty Things that supplies handmade baby clothes and jewellery and handbags and fairy art and they've sent me a beautiful handmade bag featuring wildflowers. It's summery and gorgeous and I want it.  But I have to give it away!!!

Novel Creations
Someone is going to win one of Novel Creations beautiful hand-crafted book bags in an online competition.  These come from America so you won't be able to find them easily here.  I have LOADS of them.  They are gorgeous.

Magnificent Me!
From the magnificent Maggie (FB - ) chocs and a £30 voucher!  Maggie is a very experienced hypnotherapist and life coach who also helps victims of abuse.  Full details of her work are here on her website

Mainstream Print
I have to have post-it notes - stationery is obligatory with every book launch so thanks to my friends at Mainstream who give me a great price and fab delivery on mine.

My lovely clever friend at MUNKIBEADS
is giving me a prize too.  Her work is so gorgeous !

The wonderful Donna, who is a very talented paper artist, is giving me one of her wares.  They are amazing. . She must have the patience of a saint.

Steel City 
and my official pen makers... are Steel City in Sheffield.  You can't have notepads without pens!!  Never let me down (and I came to them after someone REALLY let me down at the last minute. In stepped SC so I stuck with them)
Here's the bookmarks, pen, postcards, post-it

the wonderful Claire at iRent properties has donated the yummiest prize...Afternoon Tea for Two at the Spiced Pear in Hepworth.  Oh my - it is gorgeous there (and they do a gentleman's tea for two as well... have one of each!)  

They supply fabulous quirky jewellery, prints & pressies...  I have a pair of owl earrings up for grabs from them!

Power Plate at Seven
in Wilthorpe have donated 2 x personal training sessions... check them out on Facebook.
Win it and use it to begin the new you. 

the Ladies Fashion Chainstore Clothes stall in the upstairs market, unit 20, have donated.... get this... £50 to spend on their goods.
It's a brill stall, loads of clothes you'd find in the high street shops but at very different prices. Check out their photos for new stock.
Facebook address...

(facebook page -
Steph always makes my themed jewellery for my launches - wildflowers this year, of course.  She has also made me a beautiful white rose for Yorkshire Day and my sunflower jewellery for last year. 
There are quite a few wonderful owls and wildflowers up for grabs.  Steph makes custom made jewellery (as I can testify!)

Kiss-Air Candles
I couldn't have a book launch about beautiful scents without including Kiss-Air (  Their candles are absolutely gorgeous.  You'll want to eat them rather than light them... I have candles for some lucky winners!  They make great presents because they smell divine and are packaged GORGEOUSLY!!!

Margaret Smith Designs

Last year Margaret gave me bookart... this year it's one of these fairylight beauties.  Aren't they gorgeous? 

...have given me one of the star prizes... a giant hamper.  It was too big for the trolley so I hope whoever wins it has a car!!!

...are always brilliant, easy to deal with, make my job a lot easier and sorted me out with a load of promo postcards.  Again, a printing firm that I really like dealing with especially when you can go to them with the world's crappiest drawings of what you want... and they give them to proper arty people and make what was in your head the whole time.  Heartily recommended! And you can find them... here 

Thirsk Falcony Centre
I couldn't have written my book without the people at this fabulous place.  I've had some wonderful hours here ( and I'll keep going back and having more.
This is 'Ursula' in my book... in real life he is Avalanche.  And he's gorgeous.  A day spent up there with the birds (and the lovely family whose centre it is) is a JOY.  And I'm going back with 4 winners of a competition to be held.  Don't enter it if you don't want to go because this is a lovely day out and we will make sure you have some fabulous photos to take home.

My Trusty
...make the loveliest products from sunflower oil.  They're part of Salisbury NHS and all profit goes back into the health service.  I discovered them last year when I was doing the sunflower book, though it might be a nice gimmick, starting using their stuff after they sent me a tester... and now I've got EVERYONE using it.  It's beautiful.  The oil is my particular favourite
And ...shhh... they've given me a special offer for my readers.
If you take a look at their website and you like what you see... email them on, giving your telephone number, they'll take the order over the phone and give you 50% off!  
Everyone who comes to the launch will be able to try a sample of the cream.

Debbie Viggiano
My lovely friend Debbie has given me one of her lovely signed books - great fun to read.  Love her books!

Russell Eaton
I've been going to Jesse here at YEARS... and I love him.  Everyone loves him and going to this salon is a proper treat.  Neck and shoulder massage, magazines, refreshments... and a gorgeous cut and blow from my favourite man.  

Technically Speaking...
My friends at 'Technically Speaking' who mend my iMac and my PCs and my sons' PCs and all our friends PCs (and they found my first book deeeeeep inside my computer after my PC crashed and lost the lot!) have given me a SPY DRONE.  It's worth a few bob and you can have great fun with it... or spy on the neighbours/kids/dog's antics. 

And if you need Rob's services - and he is a wonder with computers, and very well priced too...
Here's the link to reach him
has made this wonderful, gorgeous giraffe.  It's so pretty.  And she can make you a giraffe too... check out her lovely Facebook page! 

Vets for Pets
Our wonderful - and I mean wonderful... I'll tell you about it someday... local pets have given me a voucher for a vaccine for life for a dog, cat or rabbit in the family.  This prize is worth a hefty amount (come on, vet's bills... need I say more).  I can't recommend them enough.  All my animals are with them and I couldn't wish for a better service for them. 

Walkers Shortbread.
Have been with me from the beginning and are my good luck charm.  No launch would be complete without their contribution!

Wax Lyrical

I buy a lot of Wax Lyrical stuff... it smells exactly as it is supposed to and their Bluebell oil inspired me to make my heroine a 'nose' (you'll see what I mean if you read the book).  I was so scared they'd run out of it, I bought a whole box full and have one on my desk when I'm working at all times.  They make the most beautiful things.  Totally worth paying an extra pound or two for because they last. 
They've given me a box of reed diffusers (I want the Summer Evening one SOOOO much) and candles... for 4 lucky winners!

Yorkshire Blankets
& Pauline Ogden

Pauline has made a beautiful heart shaped wreath out of Yorkshire Blankets and I have also 2 beautiful Yorkshire Blankets for the raffle.
(on facebook here... )

And if you want to see the blankets in the flesh... go along to Cawthorne Antiques centre as there's a unit of them in there - they are beautiful, hard-wearing (obviously - they're YORKSHIRE BLANKETS) and made of PROPER WOOL.

Everyone who comes to my launch will be able to have a good old brew thanks to YT.

Zena Claire
...taking the alphabetical last slot is the Colour Specialists Hairdressers on Summer Lane giving a cut and finish in their well established salon.
Their Facebook page is here!

( )

I also have lovely brooches, wellies filled with chocolate, hampers of posh stuff and sunflower cream.  There are ALL SORTS of things.  It's like Christmas but in summer... and full of owls instead of robins!!


  1. Wow, some fabulous prizes. Well done to all for donating. Looking forward to the launch. Adele x

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  3. Hi Milly, we stayed at Christa's last year after we saw you at the Yorkshire Fayre!!! We absolutely loved it here and couldn't stop chatting xxx have your new book on order:-) xx

  4. Wow what a fabulous array of goodies. Good luck with the launch working all day but Friday is being written off for a day of reading and sipping ice wine (sadly not the fizzy on but still delish!) Hope you raise lots for Clairemont as well x