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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Launch Week - Buns, Books... and Bishops

We had the official launch of An Autumn Crush at Barnsley library this week. They're always great fun but I have to do two launches as the room will only hold 100 people. However they are always great fun - although quite hard work too. Alas I don't have an official entourage who upload and unload stuff for me - it's the library staff who help, above and beyond the job description, and boy am I lucky that the library lot - and volunteers - in Barnsley are absolute STARS (thank you Jill Craven, Rachel, Linda, the lads and the gorgeous Phyllis.)
The car was full to brimming with books, my lovely book bags (from and the worlds biggest supply of coffee and shortbread from the fabtabulous Douwe Egberts and Walkers Shortbread. A launch wouldn't be the same without them as their coffee and biscuits kept me propped up whilst I was writing The Yorkshire Pudding Club through the night.
There was a production line of us stuffing my book bags with coffee and shortbread, vouchers and my sons were making sure everyone had one.
...and the raffle prize tables needed to be set up
We had some brilliant prizes - Mother's Ruin, books from my lovely author friends, wine, a voucher from Bannatyne's Spa, Sunday lunch plus plonk at the Holiday Inn - chocolates, bookmarks, handmade cards, cuddly toys, vouchers from Picture Proud photography in Elsecar - cupcakes from the lovely Shelley - who was busy setting up the treats in the next room. All the cupcakes were autumn themed - and she'd had to source a lot of the ingredients from the States. They didn't just look good enough to eat, they were. And just the right amount of frosting too - not too overdone. And - bless her - she'd even made some diabetic ones for our lovely Phyllis to nosh on :)
Nice to have a cupcake named after you - Chocolate and peanut butter. A bit like me - a little goes a long way ;)

The little gingerbread men and pumpkins on the 'Pumpkin Pie' cakes were so cute and the leaves on the vanilla were stunningly detailed.
The French Toast ones were to die for...

The books were out on display.
The formidable Phyllis was leaping on everyone and anyone and 'persuading' them to buy raffle tickets - although they're a generous lot in Barnsley.
I took my mum with me - here are three generations of my family together in the library.
The room started to fill up, totally filled up and then I was off on my rant.

Some fabulous people turned out to support me - the lovely Mayor Cllr Karen Dyson, who I just think is ace -

Here we are with Sara Atkinson from Haworth Cat Rescue on the second night. And my lovely fellow novelist Victoria Howard

Then it was raffle drawing time, book signing...

Here I am with the gorgeous Mel Dyke who is a top Barnsley bird and has been both an inspiration and Godsend to me. I love her.

And here is the wonderful Phyllis who no raffle-holding should ever be without.

Thanks to her 'gentle coercion' the two nights brought in nearly £600 and I think everyone went away with a smile on their face. My son did - because he nabbed the last French Toasts for supper...

Mine went down very well with the couple of rewarding glasses of red waiting with my name on, sitting on the sofa next to the dog

And inbetween the two events - I was speaker at the Bishop's Breakfast, which was the nicest start to a morning I've had in ages. Bacon butties with the Bish is probably one of the best perks of the job - so nice to be treated like a lady. It doesn't happy very often.

The official publication date for the rest of Britain is this week so I've got a busy time coming up. Radio shows, judging at the Clothes Show (diet here I come - and Armani shop, here I come when I've done the first bit.) Have a 'research' trip in Paris, talking at various events, Sheffield Literary Festival, more talks in lovely Wigan - where I was made most welcome last time. So many gorgeous things coming up for me. And amongst them all I've got to finish off White Wedding

And my pictoral homage to wrestling in Barnsley. No rest for the wicked? Then I never want to be good :)

Thanks to everyone who has made this week SOOO special for me and raised a few bob for 'The Well' and Haworth Cat Rescue. Mwah.

Milly xxx

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  1. Wow - I wish I lived closer so I could come to one of your launches! Those cupcakes look utterly scrumptious. (I feel a baking session coming on now, LOL.) Glad it all went so well, and kudos on raising so much for charity. (And you looked FABULOUS!)